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AxLR is an organization servicing companies, international organizations. and governments, both local and national.

AxLR is specialized in merging and acquisition, and supports also clients in their professional projects through consultancy, coaching and skills training. 

Secteur d'activités & Services


  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Start-up and Liquidation

  • Business Development

  • Strategy

  • Management and Organization

  • Fiduciary

  • Administration and Human Resources

  • IT Support

  • Marketing

  • Managing Change

  • Risk and Process Analysis

  • Mediation

  • Corporate Events

Sector of Activity  

  • Small and Medium-sized Companies

  • International Organizations

  • Public and Private Administrations

  • Foundations and Associations

  • Finance & Banking industries

  • International Trading organisations

  • Restaurant and Catering Industry


  • Landscaping and beautification

  • Industrial Sector

  • Real Estate

  • Sales Organisations

  • Training and Personal Development companies

Standing Meeting
About us
About us
Xavier Péclard.jpg
+41 (0) 78 752 51 52
Xavier Péclard

Strategy Coach, Consultant and Trainer


Xavier has accumulated a wealth of 22 years’ experience in the fields of Organization and Finance. Educated at the University of Geneva, he is the holder of two Master’s Degrees: in Business Administration (HEC) and Communication Systems. Xavier has extensive experience in management techniques including strategy management, team management, project management, process management, strategic planning, and management control. To broaden his expertise in management coaching and team support, he has added to his portfolio a Diploma of Professional Holistic Coach obtained from the Institut Saphir DHHS, as well as a Diploma of Professional Trainer from the Federal Institute of Higher Studies in Professional Training (IFFP) in Lausanne. fsd

Strategy Coaching for Enterprises

Xavier has helped companies improve both their human and organizational resources. He has acquired an extensive understanding of the Swiss Romandie workplace and has developed expertise in a wide range of activities. This enables him to provide support to his clients in their projects and propose innovative and original solutions. He has experience in business creation, business development and mergers and acquisitions and is accustomed to deal with all levels of participants, internal or external, in both small and medium sized companies, local and international governments and international organizations. The greater part of his experience has been gained in the field of corporate consultancy, finance, and industry. He is a person of integrity and high ethical standards.

Consultant and Trainer

Starting his career as a company employee, he rose through the ranks to executive level and finally became an entrepreneur with the creation of four companies starting in 2005. He continues to undertake and assume various roles: administrator, administrative liquidator at the first instance courts, certified expert at the court of justice, professor in private university and teacher at Colleges and the School of Commerce. His experience, dynamism, motivation, determination, and entrepreneurial drive enable him to address the business and management challenges of his client enterprises.

Kamelia Kemileva

Senior Consultant

Kamelia, holding an MBA, has in-depth experience in executive administration of not-profit organisations. She is also a lawyer, specialized in Swiss law relevant to international organisations and international public law.

She has demonstrated leadership roles in creating start-ups and projects for the development of International Geneva, focusing on networks, management development, cooperation, fundraising and innovation. Her strengths lie in the conception, execution, and completion of major projects within the allotted budget and time constraints. 

Kamelia also has a direct experience of intergovernmental multilateral negotiation and diplomacy, combined with an academic expertise in teaching, executive training, and education. 

Establishment and Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations in Geneva

Kamelia has wide experience in the management of several Associations and Foundations. Her wealth of expertise derives from a mix of legal knowledge and the practical management of financial budgets and accounts. In addition, she has developed the necessary competence in the legalities of Human Resources management.


She can help any individual or organization wishing to establish a not-for-profit organization in Geneva. Her impact lies in the conception, execution and finalization of any project involved in this field of activity. For this reason, she recently founded Geneva Hosting Inn


Global Events

Kamelia has unique strengths at her disposal, in events management gained through her service to the international community at large, to international organizations as well as to governments. Over the years, she has honed her skills over all the sectors related to the organization of strategic international events retreats, and negotiations in addition to political events, international forums and private gatherings. She has acquired her wide experience in Switzerland and France as well as in the United Kingdom as Visiting Director for Wilton Park. Her strength is in the overall management of meetings including their moderation and facilitation which includes all aspects related to logistics and budgets. To complete this range of services, Kamelia also proposes, via a new application SwissYou (, simultaneous translation, drafting of meeting agendas and follow up reports at an unbeatable quality price ratio unavailable anywhere else in Switzerland.


Executive Education

Kamelia also develops specialized programmes related to the functioning of the United Nations Organization, to aspects of Multilateral Diplomacy and International Law. She teaches in English and French before a wide public: professors, researchers, diplomats, international experts and company directors. The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, the University of Oslo and the World Health Organization (WHO) have already cooperated with her.

Kamelia Kemileva.jpg
+41 (0) 79 461 17 85
The expertise offered by the AxLR team has already benefited more than 80 organizations, mainly in the Swiss Romandie region but also internationally, especially in collaboration with International Organizations.
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